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Zipbolt Pty Ltd is an Australian company with a focus on innovative and original solutions for a wide range of woodworking industries, born out of the need to save time and ease of use.

The first place that Zipbolt focused was on easy joining of worktops /countertops and bench tops, this previously frustrating job is now made simple by using the UT connectors or Drawbolts and driving them with a power drill and hex bit or hand driver. The stair industry has also benefited with a number of models developed for joining hand rails, fittings and newel posts, the UT Railbolt has made the task of joining hand rails and fittings especially straight forward.

New Angled Slipfix Railbolt

21 Nov

(Available January 2015)

This is the latest model connector for stair assembly and in particular the upstairs angle joint. Using a key hole shape in a metal disc which is fitted into the post and a bent angled shaft with a head to engage the disc so it is an easy connection. The connector relies on the Zipbolt gear housing to tighten and close the joint with not many turns needed, it is best done with a side ratchet tool using it with a 5mm hex bit. This product will be available in a single pack with instructions in a poly bag as well as in a twin blister pack  containing a driver and 2 wood plugs.

The approach we recommend in fastening the rail will be to use the 11.550 Angled Railbolt in the downstairs joint which will be self supporting of the rail and then use the Angled Slipfix Railbolt in the  upstairs joint. 

Cleary Millwork Exhibits at Boston Show

09 Mar

At the recent National Retail Lumber Association show in Boston,  Cleary Millwork showed off their new display counter featuring many of the Zipbolt product range. The counter and surrounding handrail /stair parts showed many of the common stair joints which are all assembled using Zipbolt stair connectors, the actual counter was also a display of the various countertop connectors. Dave Silvia is the proud designer of the display counter was able to easily refer visitors to each joint and the particular connector used when explaining the benefits of the product range. Product display boards are also available from Dave and can be seen in the picture for anyone wishing become a stockist of Zipbolt products. A brand new model being released is the Slipfix Railbolt - post to post connector, please click here for more details. 

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