Zipbolt Assembling Solutions – Makes Life Easier

Fast & Easy

The patented Zipbolt Drive system gives lightning speed to joining worktops/railing/woodworking while being as simple and easy as using a cordless drill.

Strong & Sturdy

Made from as selection of steel and metals Zipbolt can be counted on to stand the test of time and offer the user confidence in every joint.

Broad Range

From Stairs to Worktops, Furniture to Joinery, the Zipbolt range continues to grow and cater to all kinds of woodworking applications.

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Zipbolt is the fastest growing assembly system in stair industry

Stair builders across the world are praising Our Award Winning Design and Patented gearing system as it makes light work of joints used stair building, Rails, Fittings, Posts and Angles are a breeze. No need to try harder just use Zipbolt and discover why we are a fastest growing assembly tool in stair industry.

Zipbolt connectors are accommodated in
Compass Software.


How It Works

Latest News

AWFS Fair Las Vegas July 19-22

Dear All, Zipbolt will be exhibiting at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas , Booth 9943 and we would love to see you there, the various products we have will be shown as well as [...]

Deep Socket Tool for Micro Railbolt

The new Micro Railbolt has an accessory to drive the Micro shaft into the rail or post, it is the Deep Socket 6mm which makes light work of installing the shaft.

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