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Zipbolt Pty Ltd is an Australian company with a focus on innovative and original solutions for a wide range of woodworking industries, born out of the need to save time and ease of use.

The first place that Zipbolt focused was on easy joining of worktops /countertops and bench tops, this previously frustrating job is now made simple by using the UT connectors or Drawbolts and driving them with a power drill and hex bit or hand driver. The stair industry has also benefited with a number of models developed for joining hand rails, fittings and newel posts, the UT Railbolt has made the task of joining hand rails and fittings especially straight forward.

MICRO ZIPBOLT - coming soon

12 Dec

A new Zipbolt to be known as the Micro will be available early 2016. The diameter of this new model housing will be 15mm - more info and images to come.

Improved Worktop Connectors

12 Dec

 As with many things in the world, they are always being            improved - Zipbolt is no exception!

 3 models in particular , the 10.500, 10.600, 10.700 are better than ever  before in particular the tension and torque that can be applied. The        torque  level is now improved up to approx 40%, this makes Zipbolt  stronger and friendly to almost any kind of powered drive tool, on the  whole it is more difficult to break.

THE IMPROVEMENTS. Firstly the internal gears have increased in size and have more teeth, the gears are at a maximum diameter allowed by the housing size. Once the gears became more robust it was necessary to reinforce the front face of the housing with a thicker wall and support struts seen in the image. The great part is that material was transferred from the back part of the housing to reinforce the front and did not add any additional material and weight and importantly cost. So there you have it an even better Zipbolt than before.



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